Classes we offer

Adult Beginners Class

The main focus of the beginners program was created to ensure that all new students will begin their Taekwondo journey with a solid foundation and basic understanding of the art.  The beginner classes at W.S. Jeung’s Taekwondo allows students to understand Taekwondo through learning experience that combines detailed instruction, constructive feedback, and application of techniques.

In addition, experienced Instructors conduct all classes with the utmost concern for safety and respect for others.  You do not need any experience, most of our adult students started with no previous experience. 

Adult Advance Class

The advance class program focuses on more in-dept exploration of art and sport side of Taekwondo.  The students engage in situational and live sparring sessions.  Students Blue Belt and above can attend this class.  In the advance class students experience a deeper understanding of Taekwondo's life philosophy and commitment to the art.  The curriculum begins to blend Judo and Hapkido to incorporate grappling style self-defense situations.  

Private Lessons
What are the benefits of private lessons?
1. Personal Progress Pace
2. Flexible Scheduling (weekdays & weekends) 
3. Instant Feedback that will improve your training 

Family Class

Many parents are looking for activities that allows the entire family to spend time together. What a better way to develop family interaction, while exercising the mind and body.

We welcome your family to come train together effectively here at W.S. Jeung's TKD, while having fun!  

Children / Teen Class 

Children and teen classes at W.S. Jeung's TKD will affect your child in a powerful way, providing benefits that can last a life time. Through the teaching of martial arts and philosophy your child will gain: 

  • Confidence
  • Self Defense
  • Memory Improvement
  • The importance of courtesy and respect
  • Commitment and not giving up when faced with challenges

Super Tigers Class

Specially designed classes for 5, 6, and 7 yrs. old. Our beginner and advance classes that focuses primarily building the foundations of Taekwondo.

The Super Tigers Program is a structured program that fosters discipline, self control, and confidence. 

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