The Teaching Staff:

One of most important aspect in learning is the quality of teachings.  Our top qualified and certified Instructors lead the classes.  We also have our dedicated Assistant Instructors who reach out of their ways to help the students in need.  Our Instructors take personal responsibility for the development of our students. 

Our Facility:

Our investment in the design and continuous improvements in our dojang shows our commitment to our students.  Our staff cleans the facilities constantly and mats are cleaned on a daily basis.  We also provide the most state of the art Olympic mats designed for martial arts.

The Results Show:

We know that what we provide goes far beyond a recreational activity.  As an Instructor, one of the most rewarding days is the “Black Belt Ceremony.”  When students share their most personal story about their Black Belt journey.  It truly shows how Taekwondo has such a huge and positive impact on their lives. 

Our Curriculum and Teaching style:

We believe that martial art is simply just more than a recreational sport.  Our specially designed curriculum not only focuses  on the physical aspect of martial arts, but it also fuses the importance of philosophical teachings of martial arts.  Our teaching style is unique to any other martial art schools.  We  provide traditional teachings through modern means.

Our Family Atmosphere:

We really have an exceptional close-knit family atmosphere here at W.S. Jeung’s Taekwondo. The minute you walk into our dojang you will appreciate the positive energy and look forward to your training. 

Quality Standards:

The Kukkiwon is the world Taekwondo headquarters in S. Korea and is responsible for issuing certificates to qualified candidates around the world.  Our program and curriculum is based upon teaching the most up to date form of Taekwondo Kukkiwon approves of today.  All of our Black Belts are certified through the Kukkiwon.

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