The Most Exciting Birthday Party EVER!!

Schedule your next party with us and check out what all the fuzz is about.  We hose fantastic birthday party event that will leave your guest asking how you managed to pull it off!

All their friends will "oooooh" and "ahhhh" - it will be an unforgettable experience :)

Our b-day parties are 1.5 long and packed with exciting events:

30 mints - Taekwondo Class / 30 mints of exciting age appropriate games / 30 mints of pizza and cake

Is there a limit to the number of guests?

YES, due tot he limited pace available, we encourage you to invite average of 12 kids.  After 12 kids there is a small fee.  The maximum number of kids is 20.

We will provide:

Party decorations, special gifts for the birthday child from Master or Instructor, Birthday Party Invitations.

For more information please ask about our "Birthday Party Info Packet"